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Fourth generation smiths and turners


Our workshop

In our fourth generation smiths and turners workshop we work iron as it was worked by the ancients, maintaining the same hand manufacturing process, working everything with forge, anvil and hammer, without welds and with boilings (boiling is the old welding method with occurs bringing two pieces of iron to the melting temperature of 1200 degrees and than overlap and hammer them, or held toghter with clamps or rivets that were made for the object and than clinched again).


When our restoration, both small and big one, are finished with the correct processing and patina are defined beautiful and artistic, so costumers find the solution to what they were looking for and rediscover the flavor of the past.



Restorers and antique dealers often apply to our art and experience for restoration, reproduction and repair of antique lock of gates, internal and external doors, forniture including all of their hinges, handles, escutcheons, knobs and stakes and keys both in iron, brass and bronze.
In the workshop we perform the restoration and reproduction of furnishings and antique iron object as chandeliers, aplique, fireplace tools, fenders and andirons, candelabra, candlesticks, antique chests and safes, gates, erasers and railings, bollards and stakes for the window's shutters.

We help our costumers to place their art and furniture objects in their right historical period (400- 500- 600- 700 etc.) and to restore them in the right way that their particular age require.
In the workshop the is a large collection of samples obtained over the years from the original model of various ages, all of fine manufacture, about 1000 pieces including lock, keys, hinges, bronze and iron handles and grilles, candlesticks, candelabra, fireplace tools and andirons, appliqu├ęs.

Over the years we have worked for many religious buildings like the church of Santa Maria Novella, church of San Lorenzo, church of Santi Gaetano e Michele, church Cattolica Parrocchiale of San Cristoforo in Novoli, the parish of San Frediano in Castello, the church of San Gallo restoring and reproducing various internal door's locks. We are currently working for the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore where we restored and reproduced many locks and keys of the internal doors and of the main gate of Duomo and Battistero, lock and key of the big bronze ball on the top of the Duomo, door locks around the apses, the lock of the Porta della Mandorla and door locks of the internal doors of the balcony of the church.

We worked at the MCKenzie Castle in Genova where we reproduced handles and knobs for the internal doors of the castle and restored the bronze handrail of the pool of the castle.

We have realized the ironworks for the front door of the theater in Solomeo (Pg).

Thanks to all this works we have been awarded best workshop of Florence in 2012 from the San Giovanni Battista association.